Tech For UK assembled resources that might be useful for schools and vulnerable households who needed access to laptops during lockdown.

Lockdown Laptops
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The “Lockdown Laptops” programme organised by Tech for UK is coming to an end. We recognise that there is still a great need beyond the scope of the project for schools to connect and receive and give equipment. Globechain, the largest “reuse” marketplace, is partnering with us to offer a huge amount of resources, such as computers, sports equipment and even furniture. If you would like to be part of their member base where schools can trial giving and loaning between each other, you can sign-up here, for free.

 Here is the map and below are the details we put together.

If you are a hardware provider please fill out this form.

This data is then put on the map, helping to match both schools and hardware providers.

Government resources:

The Government has a scheme for schools to request laptops and data for pupils here.

Which schools want laptops?

We linked to a list of nearly 1,000 schools that have expressly said they will take hardware (laptops etc). Every school is different, but many will take laptops if they have been professionally wiped and re-installed with a free operating system such as Chromebook or Ubuntu.

Where can you donate a laptop?

Contact Globechain here

The Restart Project has a great directory of organisations that will take donated laptops refresh them, and pass them on to school for their vulnerable pupils.

The Reboot Project by Nominet also as a directory of hardware providers who will assist.

Tech Inclusion UK is sending out laptops for schools in London and Manchester.

If you are a school can you request help from business?

Business Response Covid has a phone number and a web site where organisations can list their needs and businesses can respond.

Where can I donate to funding laptops for kids?

The Good Things Foundation has relaunched their crowdfunding page from last year and you can donate here.

You can also donate to the Raspberry Pi Foundation which is supporting learning at home for kids.

Business To Business

ADISA is the industry / commercial laptop recycling body. If you are in the hardware business these are the people who, we are sure, would love to get involved in helping. Feel free to ask them…


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