UK Tech Industry Letter to the Prime Minister

Nov 15, 2018


We, the signatories of this letter, represent businesses from across the British Technology industry and are writing to express our concerns over Brexit.

It is our view that the government’s “Withdrawal Agreement and Political Agreement on leaving the European Union” will not serve the best interests of the UK tech industry. It will vastly increase friction in trade with the EU and impose significant and costly changes for the tech industry.

We therefore believe that Members of Parliament should NOT support the agreement in the ‘meaningful vote’ and should instead vote for a new referendum, a ‘People’s Vote’, on Brexit, with the option to Remain in the EU.

The products and services produced by the UK tech industry are used by millions of people around the UK and hundreds of millions worldwide, and are helping to drive the technology of the future. We have one of the fastest-growing, most productive and export-led UK industries, worth nearly £184 billion to the UK economy, up from £170 billion in 2016. The tech sector is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy, employs over 2 million people and attracts billions in foreign investment. These are the government’s own figures.

It’s also highly diverse, with more black, Asian and ethnic minority workers employed in tech than across the UK in general (15% v 10%). Some estimates put the percentage of EU workers inside the UK tech industry at over a fifth of the sector. This is a healthy and growing diversity of which we are proud.

Brexit is a dire threat to the UK tech industry. Leaving the EU’s customs union, single market, Digital Single Market, VAT area and regulatory framework (in whole or part) will tear apart the bedrock on which our industry operates and cause us grave harm.

Brexit is already causing serious uncertainty, raising costs and threatening future red tape. Post-Brexit our products and companies face the real risk of becoming hard to create, fund and distribute globally, especially in the vast market of the EU. Anecdotally, we know many of the innovative startups of the future are looking to other EU cities to relocate to, or simply bypassing the UK altogether.

With Brexit, we foresee greater problems to hiring talent (risking, over time, a UK brain drain), as well as the ‘founders of the future’ simply not arriving in the first place.

The loss of access to European funds, the loss of EU funding into breakthrough innovation such as Horizon2020, the flight of talent which powers UK tech companies due to the uncertainty around immigration, all of these factors are adversely affecting the UK Tech industry.

This is all when we should be growing our position as a British success story, and one which was, prior to Brexit, on its way to being a global leader in technology.

Now that we know what the ‘Brexit options’ look like, it is critical to find a way out of this mess. We therefore ask you to support a ‘final say’ on Brexit with a ‘People’s Vote’ referendum (with the option to remain in the EU) to allow our industry, our customers and the country a say on the final Brexit outcome.


The UK Tech Industry

(Drafted by and

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Sign our UK Tech Industry Letter to MPs on the #BrexitDeal #BrexitAgreement calling for a #FinalSay with a #PeoplesVote


Martha Lane Fox, Co-founder,
Dr Sue Black , Professor of Computer Science, Durham University
Jimmy Wales, CEO, Wikitribune LTD
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Hubble
Giles Andrews, Chairman, Zopa
Tim Barker, CEO, Datasift
Andy Batty, COO, mytaxi
Toby Beresford, CEO,
Matteo Berlucchi , CEO & Cofounder, Your.MD
George Bevis, Founder, Tide
Nic Brisbourne, Managing Partner, Forward Partners
Dominic Campbell, CEO, FutureGov
Stuart Clarke, Festival Director, Leeds Digital Festival
Andy Cockburn, CEO, Mention Me
Blaine Cook, Principal Architect, Conde Nast
Graham Cooke, CEO, Qubit
Matt Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer, Crowdcube
Brian Corcoran, CEO, Turing Fest
James Harrison, Co-Founder & CEO, Sky-Futures
Christian Hernandez, Venture Partner, White Star Capital
Pip Jamieson, CEO, The Dots
Bindi Karia, Innovation Expert + Advisor, bindi ventures
Todd Latham, CMO & Head of Product, Currencycloud
Jonathan Luff, Co-Founder, CyLon
Joshua March, Founder & CEO, Conversocial
Mark Masterson, Global Technology Lead, Google
Frank Meehan, CEO,
Glen Mehn, Founder, Bethnal Green Ventures
Rish Mitra, Founder, Blippar
Rob Moffat, Partner, Balderton
Evan Morgan, CTO, Rated People
Simon Murdoch, Managing Partner, Episode 1 Ventures
Bernhard Niesner, CEO & Co-Founder, busuu
Andy Nunn, COO, Buzzbike
Giles Palmer, CEO, Brandwatch
Tim Parlett, Co-founder (2004-8), Zopa
Alastair Paterson, CEO, Digital Shadows
Martin Rosinski, Founder & Director, Palringo
Steven Schlenker, co founder, DN Capital
Glenn Shoosmith, CEO, BookingBug
Reshma Sohoni , Partner, Seedcamp
Merici Vinton, Co-Founder, Ada’s List
Rich Walker, Managing Director, Shadow Robot Company
Ben Whately, Co-founder and COO, Memrise
Ben Whitaker, Founder, Masabi
Jos White, Partner, Notion Capital
Novo Abakare, COO, Syft
James Abley, Director, Eternus Digital Ltd
Enass Abo-Hamed, CEO, H2GO Power
Ali Adair, UX Designer, PeerJ
Margaret Adam, Senior Director, IDC
Andreas Adamides, CEO, CatchApp Ltd
Karen Adams, CEO/Founder, The Prosperous Shop Ltd
Sophie Adelman, Cofounder & COO, WhiteHat
Tom Adeyoola, CEO & founder, Metail
Paul Agapow, Advisor, Pangaea
Radha Ahlstrom-Vij, Global Head of Brand & Communications, Wefarm
Nigel Ainscoe, CEO, Park Wharf Software Ltd
David Ainslie, IT Consultant, Backwards
Alexander Ainslie , Director , A3
Doug Aitken, Happiness Engineer, Automattic
Abdullah Albeyatti, Co-Founder and CEO , Medicalchain
Sam Albuquerque , Test Engineer, SKY
Agustin Aldaya, Senior Account Executive, Chattermill
Luke Alexander, Director, Marmelo Ltd
Luka Alexander, Director, Alexander Creative Ltd
Noor Ali, Head of Commercial Development, The Cornerstone Partnership
Tom Alisi, Managing Director, Deep Studios LTD
Rustam Aliyev, CTO, OneDome
Andrew Allan, Director, Gravitystorm Limited
Tom Allen, Special Projects Editor, Incisive Media
Jo Amos, Website Designer, Geek Fairy Design Studio
Rob Anderson, Principal Analyst, GlobalData Public Sector
Matt Anderson, MD, Marketplace AMP
Rachel Andrew, Managing Director,
David Angers, CEO, Infracast
Peter Anning, Software programmer, Prize Ltd
Andy Antoniou, Games Developer, Furry Tail Dragon Ltd
Daniel Appelquist, Director of Web Advocacy & Open Source, Samsung Research UK
Sam Applebee, Director, Super Global
Kim Arazi, CEO, IN3
Natalie Arney, SEO Manager, Alternative Airlines
Juan Arroyo, Director, Atlantis Corp Limited
Anthony Ashbrook, CEO, Machines With Vision
Giovanni Asproni, IT consultant, Zuhlke Engineering
Jon Atkinson, Director, FARM Digital Ltd.
Mike Atkinson, Director, Wight Hat Ltd.
Andrew Atter, Founder, Pivomo
Simon Austen, Founder, Third Skin Limited
Karl Austin, Director, KDA Web Services Ltd.
Simon Azzopardi, Chief Product Officer, Sherpa
Andrin Bachmann , Partner, Piton Capital
Nick Bailey, Data Scientist, Centrica
Gavin Bain, Director, Celtic3d Ltd.
Rupert Baines, CEO, UltraSoC
Teana Baker-Taylor, Executive Director , Global Digital Finance
Matt Ballantine, Advisor, Stamp London
Sam Ballard, Designer, Self Employed
Geoff Ballinger, System Architect, deltaDNA
Femi Bamisaiye, CIO, Homeserve PLC
Daniel Banche, Technical Sales Architect, Tectrade
Simon Banks, Director, Somerdata Ltd
Roderick Banner, CEO, 3LA
Paul Barber, Senior Devops Emgineer, Artificial
Benjamin Barker, CEO, Location Games Ltd

David Barnard-Wills, Research Manager, Trilateral Research
Polly Barnfield , CEO, Maybe*
Pete Barr-Watson, Partner, Baroudeur Ltd
Neil Bartlett, Software Engineer, Bind Ltd
Abdul Haseeb Basit, Co-founder and Principal, Elipses
Max Bautin, Managing Partner, IQ Capital
Roland Bavington, Customer Success Executive, Oracle
Adam Beale, Managing Director, M69 Ltd
Martin Bean, Senior Developer, Visualsoft Ltd
Pilgrim Beart, CEO, DevicePilot Ltd.
Jonathan Behr, Director, Mettle
Helen Belcher, Managing Director, Aurum Solutions Ltd
Andy Bell, Director, Andy Bell Design
Iris Ben-David, Contry Manager,
Paul Bennun, Chief Technology Officer, Storyblaster
Wil Benton, Programme Director, Ignite Accelerator
Patrick Bergel, Founder, Chirp
Ash Berlin-Taylor, Director, Ashworks Consulting
Andrew Bernard, Director, IENW Ltd
Nicolas Bidon, Global CEO, Xaxis
Megan Bingham-Walker, Founder & CEO, Anansi Technology Ltd
Simeon Bird, Founder, Shoesie labs LTD
Stuart Bishop, Director of Service, CDL
Simon Bisson, Technology Journalist and Columnist, Simon Bisson
Mark Bjornsgaard, CEO, System Two
Rhys Black, Product Manager, Yuvoh
Simon Blackbourn, Director, Lumpy Lemon Ltd
Rob Blackie, Founder, Rob Blackie digital strategy
Richard Blades, Digital Incubation Director, Inmarsat
Julian Blake, Director, DigitalAgenda
Neil Blake, Director, Waterside Media Limited
Phillip Blaydes, CEO, Talentful
Oliver Blower, CEO, VoxSmart
Ben Bodien, Lead Front-End Engineer, Rapha Racing Ltd
Santino Boffa, Director of People Operations, Qubit
Alice Bonasio, Editor-in-Chief, Tech Trends
John Booth, MD, Carbon3IT Ltd
Dylan Bourguignon, CEO, so-sure
julien bouteloup, CEO,
Julian Bowes, Director, Parabola Software
Steve Bowes-Phipps, Senior IT Consultant, ??? Consulting LLP
Rob Bowley, Head of Digital Technology, Coop
Chantal Bowman-Boyles, Managing Partner, Finn Partners
Robert Bownes, Founder, Old Street Communications
Amy Boyd, CTO & Co-Founder, FaultFixers
Jon Boylan, PM, SULLA
Jonathan Bradford, Partner, Motive Partners
Cristina Bran, Business Technology Lead, Condé Nast International
Angela Branaes, Founder & CEO, Proximistyle
Catherine Breslin, Applied Science Manager, Amazon
Alex Brett, Director, Loho Ltd
Rhodri Broadbent, Director, Dakko Dakko Ltd.
Nathan Brook, Director, Amalo Consulting Ltd
Roy Brooks, Co-founder, Mr
Tom Brooks, Co-founder, Elder
Mike Brooman, CEO, Vanti
Chris Brown, Senior Brand Manager, Creative Assembly
Colin Brown, CTO , Adimo
Luke Browne, Software Developer,
Tim Brownstone, Founder & CEO, KYMIRA
Stuart Bruce, Managing Director, Stuart Bruce Associates
Phillip Bruner, CEO, Enian Ltd.
Martin Bryant, Founder, Big Revolution
Lee Bryant, Director, Postshift
Peter Bryant, Director, Calliste IT
Howard Buck, Backend Engineer, Monzo Bank
Matt Buckland, VP Customer Advocacy, Workable
Stuart Budd, Tech company owner, Voodoo IT Limited
Christopher Bull, CTO,
Christian Bunke, Managing Director, Basck Ltd
David Burden, Managing Director, Daden Limited
Claire Burdett, MD, The Media Marketing Co
Christoph Burgdory, Tech Consultant , CBU Ventures
Bushra Burge, CEO, Bushra Burge Studio
William Burgeson, Developer / Director, WHSB Consultancy Services Ltd
Mike Burgess, COO, Ztudium
Francisco Javier Buron Fernandez, Ceo, Audiense ltd
Christine Burridge, Director, Keykeeper Solutions Ltd
Theresa Burton, CEO, Trillion Fund
Nicholas Burton, Chief Infortmation & Digital Officer, Belron
Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large, TechCrunch
Leigh Caldwell, Director, Irrational Agency
Matthew Cameron, IT infrastructure project manager, FSF Ltd
Martin Campbell, Director , Beacon Strategic
Robert Campbell, MD, Ecommnet Technologies Limited
Gabriel Campos, Founder & CEO,
Eddie Capstick, Founder & CEO, WorthWhile Studios
Francesco Cardi, Chief Strategy Officer, 1967
Grace Carey, Talent Specialist, 101 Ways
Eamonn Carey, Managing Director, Techstars
Natasha Carolan, Technology Researcher,
Emmanuel Carraud, CEO, AppChocolate
Diego Carrea, Software Engineer, LendingCrowd
Leigh Carrick-Moore, Founder , Hello Perks
Leigh Carrick-Moore, CEO, Hello Perks
Julian Carter, Founding Partner & MD , EC1 CAPITAL
Sara Carty, Founder, Marketbound
Hywel Carver, CEO, Skiller Whale
Tony Casey, Director, Photography & Digital Services Ltd
Matthew Cass, Director, Cass Software Ltd
Grace Cassy, Co-Founder, CyLon
Laura Castrillo, Group Analytics Director, AKQA
Louise Cato, Delivery Director, Delib Ltd
Rob Catterson, Brand Manager,
Anthony Catterson, Partner , Forence Group
Chris Chabot, Developer Advocate, Amazon
Edward Challis, CEO, Re:infer
Amias Channer, Software Test Engineer, IOHk
Andrew Charlesworth, Content strategist, Working Content LLP
Duncan Cheatle, CEO, Learn Amp
Allen Chester, Director , Red Squared Consulting Ltd
ED CHESTER, Director, Catena Space
Mark Chillingworth, Director , Icon Business Media
Dabriel Choi, MD, Forence Group
Serana Chosone, Consultant Specialist, RedHat
Mark Choueke, CEO & Cofounder, Rebeltech
Rishi Chowdhury, Co Founder & Director, IncuBus Ventures & Momentum Startups
James Christie, IT consultant, self employed
Roksana Ciurysek-Gedir, President , Bank Pekao
Joe Clark, Finance Director , Pillar Project
Mike Clark, Co-founder, SJB Research Ltd
Robin Clarke, Producer, AppyNation Ltd.
Alex Clarke, Head of Development, Living With
Siobhan Clarke , Partner, Episode 1 Ventures
David Cleevely, Chairman, Cintrollis
Graham Cluley, Computer security expert, Cluley Associates
Garrett Coakley, Web Developer, Spiked Design
Matthew Cockbill, Partner, Berwick Partners
Craig Cockburn, Director, Siliconglen Ltd
Neil Cocker, CEO,
Paul Cockerton, Co-CEO, Dynamo Communications
Joe Cohen, Founder, Global Consolidated Ltd
Hugh Cole-Baker, Principal Software Engineer, FanDuel
Chris Collingridge, Head of User Experience, Auto Trader
Peter Collis, Head of 360 Film, Inition
Simon Colmer, VP of Engineering, Raising IT
Thomas Colvin, Co-founder, Apps In The Sky
Alex Comerford, CTO, Madhouse Communications (2018) ltd
George Coney, Software Developer, Cybertron Limited
Paul Connell, Founder, ODILeeds
Louisa Conroy, IT Analyst, Open University
Edward Cooke, CEO, Memrise
Jacqui Coombs, Director of Business Operations, Brightpearl
Ben Cooper, Senior Consultant, GSA Techsource
Giles Corbett, CEO co-founder, Ksubaka
Louise Corden, Digital Producer , Nspcc
Gilbert Corrales, CEO, Leaf Music
Michelle Coulson, Talent Acquisition Manager, Tigerspike
Toby Coulthard, Solution Engineer, Braze
Frederic Court, Founder, Felix Capital
Sherry Coutu CBE, Chairman, Founders4schools
David Coveney, Director, Interconnect IT Ltd
Iain Cowden, Director, Iain Cowden Ltd
Alex Cowell, Co-founder & CEO, Inzy
Charlie Cox, Founder, Blockchain Inc
Jermaine Craig, Designer, Jermaine Craig
Thomas Crampton, Global Partner, marketing transformation, Ogilvy Consulting
David Crane, MD, Smoke Free
Patrick Craston, CTO, Intruder
Alex Craven, Founder, The Data City
Paul Cray, Head of Machine Learning, APImetrics
Stephen Cribbett, CEO, Further
chad cribbins, founder, Firefly Experience Limited
Tom Crick, Professor of Digital Education & Policy, Swansea University
John Crickett, Director, Mr
Simon Crosby, CTO, SWIM.AI
Dave Cross, Owner, Magnum Solutions Ltd
Chris Crossley, Co-Founder, Line-Up
Raph Crouan, CEO , Startupbootcamp
Adam Croxen, Managing Director, Future Platforms
Andreas Cser, Partner, Automat Ventures
Michele Cuccovillo, Managing partner, Rock Mission
Angela Cullen, Product Engineer, Hubble
Brad Cumbers, CEO, Martialytics
Amrita Das, CMO & Digital Brand Consultant, Storylines
Vivek Das Mohapatra, Senior Software Engineer, Collabora Ltd
Michael Davey, Company Director, New Signal Ltd
Josh Davey, Manager, Seedrs
Kevin Davids, Director, Raiveon Ltd
Alistair Davidson , Founder & CEO, Sybilline Ltd
Matt Davies, User experience consultant , User-ltd
Bryn Davies, Senior Technical Architect, Blackcap Solutions Ltd
Peter Davies, Senior Technical Consultant, AmazeRealise
Ben Davies, CEO, New peak partners
John Davis, CTO, Trilobyte
Dom Davis, CTO, Tech Marionette
Justin Davis, Co-artsic director , Black Stripe Theatre
Tom de Grunwald, Creative Director, Microclimate
Jenny De Jesus, Web designer, AboutJenny
Anne de Joly, Digital & retail consultant, B.D.C.
Jerome de Lafargue, CEO, Zero Height Limited
Nicklas de León Persson, Head of Product, Barnardo’s
Desi De Martiis, Product Manager, Pusher
Ed Dean, CEO / Cofounder, Woodseer Dividend Forecasting
Elliott Denham, Head of Growth and Strategic Partnerships, GrowthEnabler
Rachelle Denton, Senior Creative Strategist , The Storm Collective
Guillaume Descottes, CEO, Vialma
Sanford Dickert, CEO, OWLR Technologies Ltd
Ewan Dickie, CEO, Punk Money
Tim Dickinson, Director, Descrier Limited
Heather Dinham, Director, Kitsune Consulting Ltd
Pete Dinham, VP of Product, Tradeshift
Kevin Dixie, CEO,
Phil Dixon, Head of Vehicle Performance, Haas Formula One Team
Patrick Dobbs, Managing Director, SupplierSelect Limited
Charlie Dobres, Co-Founder, i-level
Claire Dobson, , The Pathfounder
Alastair Dodd, Systems Administrator , University of Brighton
Louise Doherty, CEO, PlanSnap
Vitor Domingos, Senior Manager EMEA, Unisys
Iain Donaldson, Director, ltd
Mike Doran, Software Engineer, BBC
Andrew Doran, Freelance Programme Director, Pragnetic Ltd
Ciaran Doran, Managing Director, Deep Blue Sapphire Limited
Ian Dow-Wright, Lead Delivery Manager, Cyan Crayon
Ed Dowding, CEO, Represent
paul dowling, CEO, Dreamstake Ventures
John Down, Chief Operating & Financial Officer, The Dots
Fergus Doyle, Chief Technology Officer, Unferled Consulting Ltd.
Sarah Drinkwater, Director, tech & society solutions lab, Omidyar network
James Drinkwater, Director, Guntrisoft Ltd.
Jessica Driscoll, VR Development Director , Cornerstone Partnership
Jean-Remy Duboc, Senior software engineer, Estee Lauder
Daniel Dukeson, COO, Receptive Software Limited
Helen Duncan, Managing Director, MWE Media
Alena Dundas, Founder, Gymdeck & Sispara Partners
Hansel Dunlop, Engineering Director, Digital Surgery
Hussein G Duvigneau, Web Developer, Not My Base Ltd
Chris Dymond, Director, Unfolding
Paul Dyson, CTO and co-founder, Singletrack
Bill Earner, Managing Partner, Connect Ventures
Dominic Edmunds, CEO, SaleCycle
Jamie Edwards, COO, Kayako
David Edwards, IT Consultant, m4mac
Paul Egan, CTO, Founders Factory
Julian Ehrhardt, Former owner of ustwo, Ustwo
Andrew Eland, Engineering Director, DeepMind Health
Rob Elkin, CTO, busuu
Megan Ellis, Senior UX Consultant, Nomensa Ltd.
Ian Ellis, Founder, London Enterprise Tech Meet-up Ltd
Benjamin Ellis, CEO, SocialOptic
Caalie Ellis, COO, SocialOptic Ltd
Peter Elst, ,
Anthony Eskinazi, Founder & CEO, JustPark
Lilly Evans, Devil’s Advocate, Evolve1st
Ben Evans, Co-Founder, jClarity
Gareth Evans, Founder/ Dev, Velox Technology Ltd
Matthew Evans, Director, Solid state group
Steve Ewing, Director of Operations, Informatics Ventures
Neil Fairbrother, CEO, TMT Markerting Ltd
Richard Fairhurst, director, Editions Systeme D Ltd
Andrew Faithfull, Software Engineering Consultant, Embedded Software Systems Ltd
Antonio Faralli, CTO, Fundflow GmbH
Fernando Faria, Marketing Director, Freespee
David Farley, Managing Director, Continuous Delivery Ltd.
Kat Farrants, Founder, CEO, Movement for Modern Life
Ben Farren, CEO, Spoke
Tom Farthing, Head of Media Relations, TopLine Comms
Alexander Fefegha, Co founder & Head Creative Technologist , Comuzi
Joshua Feldberg, Head of Digital, 89up
Trudie Fell, Founder, Zinc
Paul Fellows, CEO, Intamac Ltd
James Felton, Technical Manager, IT Resolve ltd
Heather Ferguson, Co-Founder, Creative Director, TotalMuso
David Fernandez, Director, Lidstrom Berg Limited
Tim Fernando, CEO, Esplorio
Stefan Ferreira, Digital Tech Consultant, CtheChange
Tanya Filer, Digital State Project lead, Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge
Tim Fisher, Head of Architecture – Package Based Solutions,
Robert Fitzpatrick, Director, Robfitz Ltd
Quinton Fivelman, CEO, Q5 Enterpises
Karl Flinders, Emea Content editor, Computer Weekly
Kevin Flood, CEO, PowerLinks
Tom Foale , CTO, Klaatu IT security
Alann Fontenelle, Head of the Business Operations, WeGym
Mark Ford, Director, Intelligent lime ltd
Stephen Foreshew-Cain, Chief Operating Officer – UK, ThoughtWorks
Pauline Foster, CEO, Foster & Brown Research
Tom Fox, Head of D&T, vulpestruments
Ilana Fox, Consultant, Intepid Fox Media
James Freedman, Software Engineer, Freelance
Russell Freeman, CTO, Holition Ltd
Abi Freeman, Co-Founder, Brink
Peter Freeman Foot, Managing Director, In The Hand Ltd
Paul Freeman-Powell, Owner & Creative Director, Innobella Media
Ed French, CEO, GameSessions (Tangentix Ltd)
Adam Fudakowski, CEO, Switchee Ltd
Ian Fuller, Head of Engineering, Freetrade
Suki Fuller, Founder | Analytical Storyteller, Miribure
Mark Furness, CEO, Essensys
Jessica Gaal, IT Business Analyst, Data Directive
Delia Gadea, Manager, OLIO
David Galsworthy, CoFounder and CEO, Techspace
Rosemary Galton, CEO, Rosiest Design
Jazz Gandhi, Communications Director, Sakura Communications
Felipe Garcia, CEO, Brands Distribution
Matthew Gardiner, Founder , AIFintech
Tom Gardiner, CEO, Trevor technology limited
Russell Garner, Director, Zephyros Systems Ltd
James Garner, Founder, Euphoric Adventures
Chris Garrett, Managing Director, C8VA Ltd
Russ Garrett, ,
Laurence Garrett, Partner, Highland Europe
Richard George, Lead Developer, Bandana Media
Chris George, Business Service Director, Trimble Solutions
Tom Geraghty, CTO, Ydentity
Andrew Gerrard, Director, d-marketing
Jaron Ghani, Technical Director, Numiko
Rory Gianni, Developer, (Freelance)
Jemima Gibbons, Director, Social Media Launch Pack Ltd
Aaron Gibson, CEO, Hurree Labs, Inc
Dafydd Giddins, Senior Software Engineer, Opentable international
Cameron Gilroy, Senior animator, Fluid Pictures
Maxx Ginnane, Founder CEO, Market without Borders
John Girvin, CEO, Six Echo Studios
Chris Gledhill, CEO, PDMS Ltd
Amy Glees, Director of Product,
Sanjay Goel, CEO, Oximity
Brad Goodall, CEO Founder, Banked
martin goodson, CEO, Evolution AI
Adam Goodyer, CEO, LiveStyled
Jason Gorman, Software Development Trainer, Codemanship Ltd
Edouard Gouin, MD, Convelio Ltd.
Jean-Stephane Gourevitch, CEO and Founder, Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd.
James Governor, founder and analyst, RedMonk
Wiliam Grace, Director , Trailsuite Ltd
Peter Gradwell, Founder & CTO, Gradwell communications limitee
Coral Grainger, Owner, Capital Relations Ltd
Pablo Graiver, President, Antidote Technologies Ltd.
James Greasley, Consultant, Fliz Ltd
Andrew Green, Director, Article Seven Limited
Danielle Green, Senior Business Analyst, Heroine Sheep Ltd
Marcus Greenwood, CEO, Ubio
James Gregory-Monk, Senior Software Engineer, epiGenesys
Alistair Greo, studio lead, Player Research
Richard Grieve, Director, Richard Grieve Ltd
Mark Griffiths, Founder, Cryptocomposite
Andrew Grill, CEO, The Practical Futurist
Peter Gross, CEO, Horizon PPM Limited
Bruce Grove, CEO and co-founder, Elektraglide Ltd
Jonathan Grubin, Founder & CEO, SoPost
Tashu Gudokin, Director, CyberMust Ventures Ltd
Natasha Guerra, CEO, Runway East
Alex Guest, CEO, Alpha Digital Consulting
Vishal Gulati, Venture Capitalist, Healthtech Investor
Peter Gunning, CEO, Grafenia plc
James Gurd, Owner, Digital Juggler Ltd
Ohad Gz, CEO, Nice Media House
Richard Hall, ANALYST, Arden &Gem CSU
Richard Hall, Chief Executive, CloudOrigin Limited
Duncan Hall, Chief Architect, Underscore Software
Rob Hall, CEO, Wriggle
Paul Halliwell, COO, TwentyCi
Jayne Hamilton, Software developer & director, JH Technology Services
Mark Hammond, Director, Deep Science Ventures
Tim Hampson, Co Founder, SalesSeek
Paul Hancock, CEO, Kona Consultancy
Kamila Hankiewicz, Ceo, Untrite Ltd
Rory Hanratty, Deputy CTO, Kainos
Rasmus Bech Hansen, Founder & CEO , Airfinity
James Hanson, Founder , Layers Studio ltd
Richard Hare, IT Consultant, Flare Consulting
Joel Harman, Mechanical Design Engineer, Renishaw Plc
Melanie Dymond Harper, , Herald Information Systems
Paul Harrington, VP Engineering, Salesforce
Kyam Harris, Software Developer, Mayden
Gareth Harris, Software Architect, Reach PLC
Brittany Harris, CEO, Qualis Flow
Abi Harrison, Head of UX, Miss
David Hart, Founder & COO, ScreenCloud
Paul Harter, CTO, Earth Rover
Elspeth Haston, , Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Matthew Hawn, Chief Product Officer, Audio Network
Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA Maketing Director, McAfee
Tony Hayden, Solution Architect , Aptos
Raphaelle Heaf, Director , 140x365
Cole Henley, Technical Director, Mud
Al Hepworth, CTO, Optimad
James Herbert, Founder & CEO, Hastee Pay
Stuart Herbert, MD, Ganbaro Digital Ltd
Andrew Hesselden, Director, Coralfish Ltd
Sarah Hesz, Founder, Mush
Simon Hewitt, Head of Marketing , STIHL GB
Michael Hill, Managing Director, Radioplayer
Hussain Hilli, Chief Operating Officer , Skrap
Ward Hills, Director, Albion Innovations uk Ltd
Stephen Hine, Development Director, MezoAI
Volker Hirsch, Co-Founder, Blue Beck
James Hirst, COO, Tyk
Jana Hlistova, Founder & Consultant, JH Consulting
Brian Hoadley, Managing Director – Design, Marco and Bee
Ian Hobson, CEO, ChargeBox Ltd
Jill Hodges, Founder/CEO, Fire Tech
David Hodgkinson, Senior Developer, Morgan Stanley
Matthew Hodgson, CEO/CTO, New Vector Ltd
Frederic Hofmann, Managing Director, ING
Jordan Holland, CTO, Kraken IM
Chris Hollands, Director, Loopmill
Rich Holman, Director, Dogwonder Ltd.
Martyn Holman, Partner, Augmentum Fintech
Steve Holmes, Senior Software Engineer, Thales
Harry Holmwokd, Co-founder, The Secret Police / Marvelous Europe
Richard Homewood, Tech Lead, AKQA
Ian Hood, CEO, Babel Public Relations Ltd
Clare Hopton, IT Service Manager, Royal London
Ken Horn, Founder, Kuernos Ltd
Ed Hornby, Information security analyst,
Dan Horne, Client Delivery Consultant, durhamlane
Sia Houchangnia, Partner, Seedcamp
Rob Houghton, CEO, reallymoving
Jess Houlgrave, Founder , shEOS
Alex Housley, CEO, Seldon
Sean Howes, Software Consultant , SPH Solutions
Martin Howitt , Founder and Technology Lead, The Data Place ltd
Daniel Hubbard, Director,
Paul Hughes, COO, Plasma Energy
Owain Hughes, Founder & CEO, Cinapsis
Charlie Hull, Managing Director & Co-founder, Lemur Consulting Ltd., trading as Flax
Douglas Hunter, Account Manager, CEW Communications
Kimberly Hurd, CCO, Lyvly
Robert Hurst , Entrepreneur , Investor
Haider Husain, COO, Healthinnova Ltd
Darren Hutton, Head of Technology and Delivery, Hippo Digital
Harri Huuskonen, CEO, The Cable International Ltd
Steven Hylands, CCO, Yomo
Anthony Impey , Founder, Tech Up Nation
Gabriel Isserlis, CEO & Founder, DBMA Ltd
Stefan Ivanov, Founder, Swapaw Limited
P J, Founder, SkyGenApps
Rupert Jabelman, CTO, Col8 Ltd
Arthur Jackson, Director, SysDev Ltd.
Adam Jackson, Head Of EMEA Business Development, Red Hat Partnership, Atos IT Service UK Ltd
Duane Jackson, Founder, Saasola Ltd
Dugan Jackson, Director, TIKIPOD Ltd
Vanessa Jacobs, CEO, The Restory
Simon Jaffery-Reed, VP, Product, Qubit
Doug James, Director, TD Associates
James Jameson, CEO, Rise
Christopher Jamieson, CTO, CabCard Services (UK) Limited
David Jarvis, CEO, Griffin Financial Technology
Virraj Jatania, CEO & Founder, Pockit
Charlotte Jee, Staff writer , MIT Technology Review
Naadir Jeewa, Field Engineer (signing in a personal capacity), Heptio
Phil Jeffes, Director , Electro Cat Studios Ltd
Michael Jemmeson, Senior Software Developer, Broadbean Technology
Mahmood Jessa, Founder , Casper Oakland and Associates Ltd
Noelia Jimenez Martinez , Head of Data Science & Astrophysics , Unbound
Ian Jindal, Co-Founder, InternetRetailing
Petra Johansson, Founder/Director, TwistedTree Ltd
Philip John, Enterprise WordPress Engineer, VIP
Matthew Johnson, Co-Founder/COO, Capital Pilot
Ben Johnson, Client Executive, Gartner
Paul Johnston, Founder, Roundabout Labs
Stephen Johnston, Co-founder, Aging2.0
Simon Jones, Founder & Managing Director, Studio 24 Ltd
Alex Jones, Head of Technical Talent, Contino
Antony Jones, CTO , Beyonk Ltd
Susan Jones, Business Analyst , TCS
Daniel Joplin, Senior Data Scientist, SparkBeyond
Riaz Kanani, CEO & Founder,
Melanie Kanarek, Director, Sheffield Digital
Filip Karadaghi, CEO, LandlordInvest
Steve Karmeinsky, Director, Placeholder
Kiyana Katebi, Director , Anfield IT Solutions LTD
Richard Kelly, CEO, Adimo
Rebecca Kelly, Founder / CEO, VenueScanner
Charlie Kemper, CEO, Flykick
Ann Kempster, Managing Director, Mimulus HQ Ltd
Roderick Kennedy, CEO, Simul
Robert Kenny, Software Engineer, Wellcome Trust
Susan Keogh, Director, Sookio
Gary Keogh, Director, MDK Innovation Ltd
John Kershaw, CEO, M14 Industries
Sarim Khan, Co-founder, SharpCloud Software Ltd
Cat Kiaie, Director, Catalyst Enterprises UK Ltd
Katz Kiely, Founder & CEO , Kiely & Co.
Dan Kieran, CEO, Unbound
Suraj Kika, CEO, Jadu
Andy King, Designer, N/A
Jeremy King, CEO & Founder, Attest
Nick Kingsbury, Director, Kingsbury ventures limited
Lewis Kirdale, Software Tester, NHS Digital
Gareth Klose, Media Technologist, Redacted Shiny ltd
Burkhard Kloss, Software Consultant,
Frederick KNOX, Ceo, Tandem
Rima Kobeissi A Jalil, Head of client deployment , Gresham tech
Bethany Koby, Ceo, Tech Will Save Us
Janus Kodadek, Strategy Director, Zone Digital
Norris Koppel, CEO, Monese
Alexander Korff, Director, ValidSoft
Paul Koshy, Innovation Manager, Innovation SuperNetwork
Monika Kosmalska, Consultant, Deloitte
Tom Kotecki, Senior Product Manager, Antidote
Madhuban Kumar, CEO, Miss
Anna Kuriakose, Chief Product Officer, TotallyMoney Limited
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith, Founder, RIP It Up, a Start Again
Sai Lakshmi, CEO & Founder, (and previously
Farhan Lalji, Director, Anthemis
Hoi Lam, DevRel Lead, Android Machine Learning, Google
Ben Lambert, CEO, Zaboo
Raúl Landa, Data Scientist, Fastly
Benji Lanyado, Founder & CEO, Picfair
Simon Latham, Director, Label Media Limited
David Lauchlan, Technical Authority (Provisioning), Amdocs UK
Daniel Lawrence, Data Scientist, Amazon
Bruce Lawson, Web Standards Lovegod, Bruce Lawson
Christian Ledermann, Dev, PrimarySite
Matt Lee, IT Consultant,
Hung Lee, CEO,
Kevin Lee, CEO, Mobilized Construction
Kelly Lees, CMO, Tech Will Save Us
John Lees-Miller, CTO, Overleaf
Warwick Leicester, Director, Brightbook Limited
Amy Lemberger, Director, Lemberger and Associates
Chris Leppard, Managing Consultant – GRC, CNS Group
Charly Lester, CMO and Co-Founder, Lumen
Nathan Levi, CMO, TotallyMoney Limited
Stef Lewandowski, Founder, Moiré
Paul Lewis, Software Architect,
rose lewis, Co Founder, Collider
Lu Li, Founder, Blooming Founders
Ramona Liberoff, Founder, Zinc VC Mission 2
David Libertalis, Founder, Visii
Steve Liddell, Partner, Ocasta Studiis
Evgeny Likhoded, CEO, ClauseMatch
John Linden, CPO, Punk Money
Jonic Linley, Senior Web Developer, Raspberry Pi Foundation
Mark Littlewood, CEO, Business of Software
Josh Liu, Founder, Honor Cycles
Yang Liu, CEO, Just Wears
Andrew Lloyd, Owner, Uncle Social
Iestyn Lloyd, CTO, Future Visual
Dave Lloyd, Founder, CTO, Moviestorm Ltd
David Lockie, CEO, Pragmatic
Joan Lockwood, Head of Growth , Goldex
Alex Loizou, Cofounder, Trouva
Deborah Loth, Consultant, Deborah Loth Associates
Parisa Louie, CEO, WatchFit
Liz Love, Director of Sales, CreateShift
Nicholas Lovell, Design Director, Electric Square
James Lucas, CEO, CirrusHQ
Roberta Lucca, Co-Founder, CMO, Board Director, Bossa Studios
Simon Luct, Technologist, G30 Consultants Ltd
Manoj Lukhman, , Ms
David Lundholm, Founder , Consistency Partners ltd
Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist, OpenMarket
Giovanni Luperti, Co-founder, Zero technology
Jonathan Lusby, Director, JMH Lusby Ltd
Julian Luttrell, Assistant Director, Learning&Teaching Technologies, Anglia Ruskin University
Frans Lytzen, CTO, NewOrbit Ltd
Alex Mace, ,
Jennifer MacKenzie, Managing Director, TEFL Org UK
Iain Mackenzie, Associate Director, Milltown Partners
Fiona Mackenzie, CEO, Marble
David Mackintosh, Founder, New World Code Ltd, Get Multicolour, Mizuxe Ltd
James Mackonochie, COO, Pia
Mareka Maginnis, Integration Coordinator , Specsavers
HUGUETTE MAKAMU, Salesforce Consultant, Nottingham Building Society
Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee
Carolyn Mandache, CEO, time2dine-Migsoft Ltd.
Pranay Manocha, Chief Technology Officer, Best for Britain
Jonathan Markwell, CTO, Propellernet
Gareth Marlow, Executive Coach and Consultant, ltd.
Nenad Marovac, CEO, Founder , DN Capital
Richard Marr, CTO, Applied
Nick Marsh, CPO, Wonderbly
Tarika Marshall, CEO, Humankind Technologies Ltd
Steven Marshall, Head of Hosting, Ministry of Justice
Jasper Martens, Chief Marketing Officer, PensionBee
Daniel Martí, Systems Engineer, Brankas
Nathan Martin, Director, Global Thought Leadership, Pearson
Miguel Martinez, Co-Founder / Chief Data Scientist, Signal
Anna Martinsson, Service Delivery Manager, Sky
Sergi Martorell, Co-Founder & CEO, Glass
Alexandre Masmejean, CEO, Flex
Henry Mason, Managing Director , TrendWatching
Daniel Mason , Senior Software Engineer, Apolitical
Nathalie Masse, Technical director, Cogitas Ltd
Charlotte Massey, Managing Partner, OpenMedical Ltd
Ash Matadeen, Web Developer, Webblerock
Daniel Matthews, Developer, Black Lab Software
Jamie Matthews, Technical Director, DabApps
Andrew Mawby, Senior Patent Engineer, CMR Surgical
Andy Mayer, CEO, Yoomee
James Mayes, CEO, Mind the Product
Kathryn Mayne, Managing Director, Horsley Bridge International
Sabo Mbale, Founder,
Irene McAleese, Co-founder & CSO , See.Sense
Matt McAlister, CEO, Kaleida Networks Ltd
Mark McAndrew, CEO, Worldwide Computer Company
James McAulay, CEO, Encore
Ben McCarthy, Director, Internet Supermarket Ltd
Mark McDermott, CEO, ScreenCloud
Craig McDonald, CTO, Nuanced
Deborah McGargle, Chief Legal Officer, Seedlegals Limited
Tracey McGarrigan, Queen of Brexit, Games4EU
David McGrath, Founder, Dynamic Innovation Group
Dan McGuire, CEO, cube19
Dylan McKee, Co-founder & CEO, Nebula Labs Limited
Bruce McKee, Director of Alliances, EMEA, Delphix
Dion McKenzie, Co-founder,
Neil McLaren, VP, SDVI
Kate McLaughlin, CEO, We Got POP
KAY MCMAHON, Content Strategist, Publicis Sapient
Charlotte McMillan, Founder, Storychest Limited
Cordelia Meacher, Managing Director, FieldHouse Associates
Peter Mendham, Managing Director, Bright Ascension Ltd
Mario Menti, CTO/Co-founder, Ally Chatbot
Rowan Merewood, Senior Developer Advocate, Google
Harry Metcalfe, Founder, dxw
Richard Meyer, CTO, Confidential
Christian Miccio, VP Data Product, VEON
Ned Miles, UK Lead, Audience Insights, Twitter
Albert Millis, Managing Director, Virtual Umbrella
Ciara Minnitt, Principal Architect, Brooks Life Science Systems
Dominic Mitchell, Software Engineer, Google
Paul Mitchell, Director of Global Product Development, Satcom Global
katie moffat, Head of Digital, The Audience Agency
Phil Mohr, CEO, DataTiger
Kat Molesworth , Director, Blogtacular
Anthony Money, Director, Reclaim Services Ltd
Joanna Montgomery, CEO, Little Riot
Joey Moore, Head of Product Marketing , Episerver
Hazel Moore, Chairman, FirstCapital
Chris Morland , CEO, Citrus Suite Digital
Guy Morris, Commercial MD, Elements Talent Solutions
Janet Morrison, Senior TMT lawyer, HubHer
Kevin Moss, Innovation director, Playthisnext limited
Nour Mouakke, Founder & CEO, Wizme
Adrian Mouat, Chief Scientist, Container Solutions
Kira Mourao, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Synpromics
Matt Mower, Navigator, The Art Of Navigation
Jean-Francois Moy, CTO, Ksubaka
Ziad Muhmood Kane, N/A, N/A
Richard Muirhead, Founding Partner, Fabric Ventures
Neil Mukerji, COO, Kobas
Catherine Muldoon, Content Creator, Social mill
Samuel Mulube, CTO, Umbrellium Ltd.
Joanne Mumford, Director, Office octopus limited
Jens Munch, Ceo, Pace
Robert Munro, Mobile Developer, Trainline
Rachel Murphy, Director , Difrent
Paul Murphy, Founder, Investor, Shareholder, Dots, Giphy & other startups
Dylan Murphy, COO , DRIVETRIBE
Kathleen Murphy, Director of Operations, Firetech Camp
Christopher Murray, Managing Director, epiGenesys
David Murray-Hundley, Chairman , E Fundamentals
Elena Mustatea , Ceo, Bold Health
Murat Mutlu, CEO, Marvel
Ehud Nachmany, VP Business Development, Snyk Ltd.
Dave Nattriss, Freelance web developer and digital consultant,
Ben Neale, Director, Atticus 7 Ltd
Joe Neale, VC,
Martin Neill, Founder, AirPOS Ltd
James Neville, Ceo, Citizen
Tom New, Co-founder, CPO, Formisimo Ltd
Ben Newbon, Senior games analyst, deltaDNA
Andy Newell-smith , Managing Director, Iris connect
Andy Newham, Director of Strategic Sales, Zixi
Andy Nicol, Managing Director, Sputnik Digital
Kim Nilsson, CEO & Founder, Pivigo
Peter Nixey, Founder, Copyin
Jason Noble, Founder, CTO Academy
Odera Nonyelu, CEO, Cent
Jon Norris, Head of Content, RocketMill
Simon Norris, CEO, Nomensa
Chris Norwood, Managing Director, Norwood Design & Development LTD
Natalie Novick, Research Editor,
David O’Brien, Service Designer,
James O’Brien, Director, Sparrk Limited
Mike O’Hagan , Retired Internet Technology Programme Director, TUI
Joe O’Reilly, iOS Developer, Canon Europe
Peter O’Shaughnessy, Senior Software Engineer, Currently working at a large UK retailer
Sharon O’Dea, Co-founder, Lithos Partners
Matthew Oakes, Director, Matt Oakes Limited
Phil Oakley, Editor, TechX365
David Odier, UK Managing Director, crème de la crème
Luke Oliff, Technical Writer,
Valeria Oliveira, Producer, Google DeepMind
Katriona Oliver, IT Support Technician, Joskos Solutions
Jonny Olliff-Lee, Developer, My Small Corner Studios
Richard Osborn, Director, Type40
Anisah Osman Britton, CEO, 23 Code Street
Marie Outtier, Co-founder & CEO,
Charlotte Owen, Frontend Development Lead,
Tammy Owens, Business Development Director, Geotourist
Alex Packham, Founder & CEO, ContentCal
Anna Page, Senior Producer (Open Education Projects), The Open University
Matthew Painter, CTO,
Tristan Palmer, CEO, Psyphr Ltd
Davide Palmisano, Senior Software Engineer, ASI Data Science
Michalis Panayiotou, Cofounder, Visavis Ventures Ltd
Peter Pandis, IT Systems Engineer, Nippon Electric Glass Fibre UK Ltd
Christo Papadopoulos, Technical Delivery Manager, Clearmatics
Gary Parker, Unified Comms Service Manager, Loughborough University
Steve Parks, CEO, Convivio
Tim Parsons, Managing consultant
lucy partridge, Digital Marketing Instructor, RED Academy
Naveed Parvez, CEO, Project Andiamo Ltd
Katerina Pascoulis, CEO, Personably
Michele Paselli, Product Manager, Facebook
Amar Patel, VP Business Development – EMEA, 47 Degrees
Manish Patel, CTO, ThinkTouchSee
Ritesh Patel, CEO, The Ticket Fairy
Graham Paterson, Group Product Manager, Deliveroo
Kit Patterson , Senior software engineer, Kal
Mark Payne, Investor, The Red. Case
Chris Payne, Director, Quantum Soup Studios
Andy Pearson, Chartered Engineer, Millbrook Proving Ground
John Peebles, CEO, Administrate
William Pelzer, Senior Developer, Just Group plc
Diane Perlman, CMO, Blis
David Petherick, Director, NewsBase
Will Phillips, 2nd Line IT Analyst, IOP Publishing
Tina Phillips, Head of People and Talent , Paddle
Robin Pickering, CEO, IPCortex Ltd
Tom Pigden, Commercial Director, Optrak Distribution Software
Louis Pilfold, Director, Waive
Hugo Pinto, MD, Accenture
Andy Piper, Director, Developer Relations, Twitter
Mark Piper, Chief Technology Officer, WDS Mobile
Simon Pither, Founder, Pither Technologies Ltd
Jonathan Platt, Managing Director, Nomadic Media Ltd
Rich Pleeth, Director, Taxify
Chris Pointon, Co-founder, Racefully
Simon Pollard, Web Developer, dc activ
Thanasis Polychronakis, CTO, Alacrity Law
Kamal Popat, Product Lead, MyLevels
Tim Porter, CEO, Kare Knowledgeware
Magda Posluszny, associate, Seedrs
Alex Potter, Accelerator Director , Allia Serious Impact
Keith Potter, Co-Founder, Qtime Limited
Thomas Power, Board Member, 9 Spokes
Sophie Power, Talent Acquisition Manager, Signal Media Ltd
Deepak Prabhakara, CTO, Red Sift
Priya Prakash, Designer-Founder, D4SC – Design for Social Change Ltd
Ellis Pratt, Director, Cherryleaf
Massimo Prelz, Senior advisor, DN Capital
Rob Prevett, CEO, D/SRUPTION
Ian Pritchard, Managing Director, Tintisha Technologies (UK) Ltd
Ben Prouty, CEO & Co-Founder, Shepper
Ollie Purdue, CEO, Loot
Josephine Pye, B2B Internet Publisher – Technologies, Carouselweb Ltd
Colin Pyle, CEO, CRU Kafe Limited
Edward Qualtrough, Editor, CIO UK, IDG Communications (publisher of CIO UK)
Mutaz Qubbaj, CEO, Squirrel Financial Wellbeing
Jordan Quigley-Jones, Product Manager, Pusher
David Quinlan, Head of Development, MBA
Safia Qureshi, CEO, CupClub
Mudit R, MD,
James R, Consultant,
Avin Rabheru, CEO, Housekeep
Antonia Rae, Online Learning Producer, Freelancer
Jonny Rae-Evans, Head of Production Innovation, Tech for Good Live
Edward Raine, CEO, Cloudshepherd limited
Dharmesh Raithatha, Partner, Forward Partners
Raj Ramanandi , CEO , FriendlyFires
Anthony Rana, Developer, Computershare
David Randall, Director, Maple Works
Zara Ransley, Founder, MyPocketSkill
Damien Ransome, Director, Layershift
Misha Rao, Founder, Konvene Labs
Ellis Reed, UX Designer, Nomensa
Habs Rehman, Founder, Search Swarm LTD
Sam Reid, Founder, Hello Perks
Matthew Reid, CEO, Codefish Apps Ltd
Laure Reillier, Co-Founder and COO, Launchworks& Co
Derick Rethans, Owner, Derick Rethans Ltd.
Alexis Richardson, CEO, Weaveworks
Matt Richardson, Web Developer, Focusrite Audio Engineering
Paul Rigby, Cofounder/CEO, Consortiq
Adrian Riley, Director, Harcourt Software Ltd
Christopher Riley, Director, PHP Yorkshire, Imhotek Consulting
Marc Risby, CTO, Boxer Systems
Kerry Ritz , Ceo , Great river ventures Ltd
Andrew Rix, Director, Andrew Rix Ltd
Jo Roach, Chief Operating Officer , Raspberry Pi
Marc Roberts, CTO, Hiyacar
Helen Roberts, Director, Redfern Electronics Limited
Laura Roberts, Director, Good Stories
Simon Roberts , Partner, Stripe Partners
David Robinson, Senior Solution Architect, Capgemini
Mike Robinson, Technical Director, Digital Egg Limited
Pauline Roche, Co-founder , RnR Organisation
Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat
Emma Rogers, CEO, Little Bridge Ltd
Luke Rogers, Regional Vice President UK&I, AppDynamics
Morgan Rogers, Director, Water Witness International
Ben Rometsch, Director, Solid State Technology Ltd
Ben Roome, CEO, Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd
Ciaran Rooney, CTO, Swoon
Joe Root, CEO, Permutive
Rodolfo Rosini, ,
Jarek Rosinski, CEO, JR Dynamics Ltd
Hanni Ross, ,
Camille Rougie, CEO, Plural AI
Damian Routley, Partner, Otherly entertainment limited
Matthew Rowe, Data Scientist, GoCardless
Steve Rowling, Owner, Springworks
Evan Rudowski, Founder, Atlantic Leap Limited
Wayne Rumble, iOS Developer, Novoda
Josh Russell, Partner, Baroudeur
Nicholas Russell, Founder, Mixbrick
Dominic Ruston, Director, TripleNine Consulting Ltd
Gavin Ryder, Chairman, HVPD
Nick Saalfeld, Director, Wells Park Communications
Miles Sabin, Founding Partner, Underscore Consulting LLP
Steve Sage, IT Consultant, Source Motion Limited
Oliver Salisbury, Associate, Seedrs
Julia Salmon, IT/Systems Trainer, Capability Fish Ltd
Alec Sammon, CTO,
Alec Sammon, CTO,
Felix Sanchez Garcia, Lead Data Scientist, Geospock
Claire sanders, sales manager , afs technologies
Andrew Sandford, Director, We are Lean and Agile
Harinder Sandhu, CEO, EmpowerRD
Kris Sangani , Journalist, Trusted Content
Alessandro Santo, Director, Last Mile Ventures
Emily Sas, Software Engineer,
Marc Savy, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Dominic Sayers, Senior Engineer, OpenCorporates
Maiko Schaffrath, Founder, Realchangers
Arnaud Schenk, Engineering lead, Creditmint
Matthew Scheybeler, CTPO, Lantum
Prisca Schmarsow, design lead, eyedea studio ltd
Jan Schneider, Senior Software Engineer, Google UK
Dianne See Morrison, Editor, The Pathfounder
Dan Selman, CTO, Clause
Justina Senkus, Co-Location Centre Manager, EIT Digital
Sam Sethi, Radio Presenter and Entrepreneur, Made In Head
Nadeem Shakoor, Chief operating officer , Audit XPRT Ltd
Gargi Sharma, Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP
Tim Shaw, Founder, Endlesss
David Sheldon, Snr software engineer, Mind foundry
Daniel Shellard, CEO, Fiit
Roger Shepherd, Founder and Managing Director, Chipless Ltd
Robin Shipston, CEO, Roar Data Technologies Ltd
Rohit Shiralkar, Director, Arma Partners
Ben Shorrock, Managing Director, techspark
Kaj Siebert, CTO, Social Finance Ltd
lea simpson, founder, Brink
David Sims, Company Director, David Sims Media
Elena Sinel, CEO, Acorn Aspirations
Andy Skipper, Consulting CTO, Saccade
Anthony Slack, Founder/Director, Rezzonation
Marc Sloan, CEO, Context Scout
Josh Smith, Founder, Cashmere Studio
Alasdair Smith, Software Engineer, WriteLaTeX
Adrian Smith, founder, gwlad courtney and Find your aces
Matt Smith, UI architect, Vodafone
Paul Smith, Co-founder & CEO, Ricochet Technologies
Rachel Smith, Co-founder & Head of Product, Lifefyle Ltd
Martin Smith, Software Developer, N/A
Joanne Smith, CEO, Recordsure
Dan Smith, Director, Doogheno
Jay Snee, Founder, FairCustodian
Danny Sodergren, FOUNDER , Great Marketing Works
Michael Solomon, Director, Profit Through Ethics Ltd
Jalin Somaiya, VP Marketing, Trussle
Andra Sonea, Director, Synapticon Ltd
Benjamin Southworth, Various, Various
Osvaldo Spadano, CEO & Founder, Akoova
Graeme Spice, Managing Director, G Spice Consulting Ltd
Cam Spilman, Managing Director, Paper
John Spindler, Founder/ Partner, AI Seed
Tony Sprague, Director, CRM Technologies Ltd, CRM Technologies Ltd
Jack Springman, Head of Consulting, Ctrl-Shift
Louie St Claire, CEO, Harvard Communications
Leo Stableford, Business Development Manager, Digital Morphosis
Dimitar Stanimiroff, CEO & Co-founder, Heresy
Candy Stanley, Director, Everinnovate Ltd
Simon Starr, Co-founder and CTO, Cahootify
George Steel, Web Developer & Small Business Owner, Net Glue Ltd
Lindy Stephens, Co-founder and Consultant, Sam Newman & Associates
Robin Stephenson, Director, Aglet Ltd
Hilary Stephenson, Managing Director , Sigma
Joe Stepniewski, Co-founder, Skimlinks
Zachary Stevens, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Akoova
Peter Stevens, Managing Director, Gryd Ltd
Robert Stevens, Director Digital Mobile App, VEON Digital Ltd.
Ian Stevenson, CEO, Cyan Forensics
Richard Steward, Director, Value Mastered Ltd
James Stewart, Partner, Public Digital
Nicky Stewart, Commercial Director, UKCloud Ltd
Dave Stockley, Senior Frontend Web Developer, Mud
Ben Stockman, Cofounder, Wordsmith Digital
Jason Stockwood, Vice Chairman, Simply Business
Dr Tobias Stone, CEO, Newsquare Associates Ltd
Matt Stone , CEO, TestDrives2U Ltd.
Peter Storey , CEO, Greenlit
Diana Strasser, Director, ic language ltd
Jim Suchy, Managing Director, 8th Light
Romi Sumaria, CEO, Oblique London LLP
Leanne Summers, Advisor, Bright Little Labs
Agata Sumowska, Software Developer, Made Tech
Inigo Surguy, Technical Director, 67 Bricks Ltd.
Tom Sutton, Head of Product, Grant Thornton UK LLP
John Sutton, Managing Director, Creative Blogs Limited
Will Swannell, CEO, Hire Space
Casey Swerner, investor, DN Capital
Paul Swinton, Ceo, B4B Payments
Colin Sydes, Consultant, Self Employed
Adam Sykes, Managing Director, (SwiftCase) Livepoint Software Solutions Ltd
Tom Symonds, CEO, Immerse Learning Ltd
Shadaan Tabani, Director, Stabani Ltd
James Tabor, CEO, MEDIA Protocol
Deepak Tailor, CEO ,
Emerson Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Mautinoa Technologies
Milenne Tanganelli, Founder and Director, Digital Pop-Ups Augmented Reality Experiences
Phil Taprogge, Cloud Infrastructure Lead, Pusher Ltf.
Caroline Tarbett, Senior Consultant , Fierce Public Relations
Shelley Taylor, CEO, trellyz
P Taylor, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, School of Computer Science
Bella Taylor, Web Developer, TotallyMoney
Catriona Taylor, Business Security Analyst, Arm
Jerry Taylor, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Fractal Labs
Robert Taylor, CTO, Origin
Chris Taylor, Company Director, Yorkshire Twist
Catriona Taylor, MD, pbfh
Will Taylor-Jackson, Head of Development, DesignMyNight
Philip Teare, CEO, evolu8 Ltd
Antonio Tella, Product Manager, TotallyMoney
David Tenemaza Kramaley, Co-Founder & CEO, Chessable Limited
D Tennant, Scientific Adviser, Food Chemical Risk Analysis
Daniel Tenner, Founder/CEO, GrantTree Ltd
Alexander Terenda, CEO, Inephemera
Graham Terris, Director, ABS Consultants
Richard Terry, Developer, Codelabs
Andy Theyers, Director and Founder, Isotoma
Dan Thomas, Software Engineer, LDRA
Ian Thomas, Senior Director Data & Analytics,
Ian Thomas, Partner and Founder, Talespinners
Abby Thomas, Head of CSO, Vodafone
Mike Thomas-Hendi, Innovation Programme Manager, Capita plc
Chris Thorne, CEO and Chief Design Officer, Creative Information Systems Limited
Dan Thornton, Founder & MD, TheWayoftheWeb Ltd
Chris Thorpe, Technologist and Digital Strategist, Freelance
Naomi Timperley, Co Founder, Tech North Advocates
James Titcumb, Director, JT Web Development Ltd
Dave Tonge, CTO, Moneyhub
Liam Tootill, Head of Operations, Founders of the Future
Jon Topper, CTO, The Scale Factory Ltd
Mike Torr, Director, Cactus Hornet Ltd.
Louise Towler, Director, Indigo Tree Digital
Agostino Trapani, CEO, TripTalk
Dominic Travers, Product Owner, Good Energy
Rohan Trivedi, Co-founder, StrideUp
Richard Tucker, Managing Director, Leesa Sleep Ltd
Mischa Tuffield, CTO, Tokencard Ltd
Nina Tumanishvili, Founder, HelloHub
Mike Turner, Founder, Six O’Clock Club
Katy Turner, Managing Partner, Multiple
Dylan Turney, Android Developer, Buzzmove Ltd
Roy Tuvey, Founder, Wandera
Terry Tyldesley, Director, Glowinthedark
Joshua Uwadiae, CEO, WeGym
Rahima Valji, MD, Consigliere
Daniel Van Binsbergen, CEO, Lexoo
Brad van Leeuwen, Head of Partnerships , Railsbank
Keld Van Schreven, Director, KR1
Aneesh Varma, Founder & CEO, Aire
Martin Varsavsky, Chairman, Fon
Dafydd Vaughan, Director, Cedyrn Ltd
Felix Velarde, Chairman, Deeson
Desi Velikova, Founder, Hello Buster
Kumy Veluppillai, Founder, Repeat Labs
Jude Venn, CTO, MedShr Ltd
Martijn Verburg, CEO, Jclarity
Gilbert Verdian, CEO, Quant Network
Celia Viguier, Investor Relations, DN Capital
Nathan Vingoe, CTO, Cleartech Consulting Ltd
Dean Vipond, Lead designer, NHS Digital
Jean Viry-Babel, CEO, xRapid Group
Marcus Wainwright, Senior User Experience Engineer, DeepMind
Andrew Walker, Senior Developer, SpringerNature
Shaun Walls, Director, Clockworkers UK Ltd
Andrew Walmsley, Chairman, Inskin Media Ltd
Nigel Walsh, Partner, Deloitte
Toby Walsh, Director, TWPR
Umar Wani, Cofounder & CTO, Accelerated Dynamics X Ltd
Peter Ward, Co-founder & CEO, Humanity
Tom Ward, Senior Programmer, Warm Dot Ltd
Peter Ward, Recruitment Manager, POD Point Ltd
Oli Ward, Founder, Develop Me Training
Tim Ward, CEO & Co-founder, Think Cyber Security Lyd
Guy Ward Thomas, Investment Manager, DN Capital
Marc Warne, CEO, Bittylicious Ltd
Liz Warner, Interim CTO , Mettle
Nick Wasmuth, Co-founder, Lifetise
Lloyd Watkin, Principal Engineer, OLIO Exchange Ltd
Irfon Watkins, Founder and CEO, Dovu
Richard Watkins, Software Developer , Shift Commerce
Tristan Watson, CEO, Ignite
Hermione Way, Founder, Waymedia
Nick Way, Founder, All Jobs Pro
Andrew Weaver, Founder, CTO Academy
Tom Weaver, CEO, Flyt
Thomas Weijburg, Lead for Monitoring and Evaluation, NHS England
Andy Welch, International IT Programme Manager, The Body Shop
Matt Wells, Computer Programmer, GitHub
Darren Westlake, CEO, Crowdcube
Chris Weston, Technology Advisor, Chainmaker Consulting Ltd
Simon Whale, CEO, Kerfuffle
Matthew Whalley, Director, Ilex Content Strategies
Jessica White, EdTech Consultant,
Andrew White, CEO & Founder, FundApps
David White, Founder, Trackly
Jamie Whyte, CEO, Propolis Open Data Factory
Lily Wiggins, Senior Manager, Fieldhouse Associates
Tom Wilkinson, Software engineer in the travel Industry,
James Williams, CEO, Beyond Labs
Shame Williams, Senior SuccessFactors Consultant, EPI-USE
Matt Williams, Developer, River Agency
Tom Williams, CEO, Point Group
Anthony Williams, Director, Just Software Solutions Ltd
Charles Williamson, CEO and Founder, Sophist
Richard Willis, Director, Rich Text Format Ltd.
Lucy Wills, Founder, Globefox
Alex Wilson, Head of Partnerships, Canopy
Dominic Wilson, Co-Founder & Managing General Partner, Pi Labs
Martin Wilson, Director, Indigo102
Frlix Winckler, CEO, Votebox
Daniel Winterstein, CTO, Good-Loop
Joshua Wohle, CTO, SuperAwesome
Marcus Wong, Event Manager, Mind The Product
Colleen Wong, CEO, Techsixtyfour Ltd.
Man Wong, Head of Operations, LoveWorkLife
Edward Woodcock, CTO + Co-founder, RemoteCTO & GetDinghy
Thomas Woodland, Electrical Engineering, TRW Electrical Ltd
Ben Woods, Editorial Director, BBT Media Limited
Rhys Wynne, Director, Winwar Media
Matt Wynne, Founder, Cucumber Ltd
Hannah Wysome, Solutions Consultant, Kineo
Rabin Yaghoubi, Advisor / Investor , Ex Google / Babylon Health
Richard Yarnall, Embedded Systems Engineer, Microchip Technology
Hossein Yassaie , Tech Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor , HY Ventures
John Yates, Managing Director, City & Guilds Group Corporate Learning
Pauline Yau, Director, Interlocute
Ken Yeadon, CEO, Thematic Networks Ltd
Nicole Yershon, Founder, The NYCollective
Chris Young, Independent Consultant, WorldOfChris Ltd
Lynsey Young, Company Director, Lynsey Young- Just Saying Ltd
Wojtek Zeglin, CEO, Omnicode LTD
Dimitrinka Zheleva, Digital Project Manager, Spark44
Kat Zien, Backend Engineer, Monzo Bank
Nicolo Zingales, Lecturer, Sussex Law School

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