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Getting Lockdown Laptops to the UK's schoolkids
Help with Lockdown Laptops

The TFUK community is working on supporting the UK with tech efforts during the COVID19 crisis.

Lockdown Laptops!

Getting Laptops to Lockdown Kids

The “Lockdown Laptops” programme organised by Tech for UK is coming to an end. We recognise that there is still a great need beyond the scope of the project for schools to connect and receive and give equipment. Globechain, the largest “reuse” marketplace, is partnering with us to offer a huge amount of resources, such as computers, sports equipment and even furniture. If you would like to be part of their member base where schools can trial giving and loaning between each other, you can sign-up here, for free.

About Globechain

Globechain connects companies to charities, schools, businesses and people to redistribute unneeded items, generating environmental data on the impact. They provide two services: external reuse and internal reuse and loaning that works as an asset inventory system.

Trialling Internal reuse locally

Recognising the challenges schools have faced during and post Covid-19 around sourcing and sharing equipment. As a member of Tech for UK, Globechain is offering an internal reuse system for schools to trial giving and loaning between each other.

You can find out more and participate in a trial here.


A Coalition

To date TechForUK have supported the creation of AllOfUsTogether – supporting meals for disadvantaged & hungry kids in October 2020,  the Coronavirus Tech Handbook, Covid Tech Support and code4covid.

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If you’re a technologist, designer, user researcher, marketer, or have any of the other skills needed to deliver a product or service and get it to the people that need it, just click below to get involved.

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We're currently working to help the people of the UK during the covid-19 pandemic, including free school meals projects, laptops for homeschooling, and tech support volunteers for charities.